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Small Foil Trays

Wholesale Small Foil Trays With Lids at better price and quality

Allwin Small Aluminum Tray

Allwin provides you with various types and sizes of small foil trays at competitive prices. Businesses can use our small foil trays with lids for baking, cooking, and food storage. You will find our small aluminum foil trays convenient and the best disposable alternative to glass pans.

We use 8011, 3003, food-grade aluminum foil raw material to make our small foil trays. So you do not need to worry about the quality of small foil trays.

Your Leading Small Foil Trays Manufacturer

Allwin is a popular small foil trays manufacturer in China supplying small foil trays to 60+ countries. At Allwin, you can order small foil trays with lids, extra small foil trays, and even mini foil trays with lids.

Allwin has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with cutting-edge production equipment. As a result, you get well-designed and elegant small foil trays. More than 200 professionals work with us at our 2500 square meters factory. Therefore, you can wholesale small aluminum foil trays in bulk.

Allwin Small Foil Trays with Lids Manufacturing

Allwin small foil trays with lids meet European and International standards when it comes to manufacturing.

You will not notice any issue with the quality of our small aluminum trays with lids. We have 8+ years of experience in manufacturing.

Allwin Small Aluminium Foil Trays QC

Allwin does not compromise on the quality of its small foil trays. We have a dedicated quality analysis team that checks each batch of foil tray small for safety and quality.

You will get 100% safe and quality small aluminum foil trays with lids. All our small foil trays meet quality certifications set by international and European markets.


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