Large Foil Trays wholesale

Large Foil Trays

Wholesale Extra Large Foil Trays With Lids From FDA Rated Manufacturer

Large Foil Trays For Wholesale

Your customer will increase your revenues with our Large Foil Trays. Allwin uses premium quality aluminum foil to make the big foil trays. These trays are deep enough to accommodate all types of food comfortably. You can wholesale both large and extra-large aluminum foil trays from us.

Your Leading Large Aluminum Trays Manufacturer

Allwin is the fastest-growing large foil tray manufacturer in China. We supply large foil trays to hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and catering businesses. You can order big foil trays or extra-large foil trays based on your customers’ demand.

Allwin also has extra-large foil trays with lids. These trays keep food warm for a long time. You can test the quality of the aluminum foils we use to make large foil trays. We use aluminum foil grades: 8011, 3003, and 3004. At Allwin, we make thousands of large foil trays every day.

Large Aluminum Trays Manufacturing

Allwin has more than 25000 square meters manufacturing facility. You can order large foil trays in bulk and grow your business.

With more than eight years of manufacturing experience, we know how to support our distributors.

Big Foil Trays QC

Allwin provides quality large foil trays. Before we seal and pack the batch of foil trays, our QA team inspects them carefully.

Consequently, you receive 100% premium quality large foil trays that are in perfect shape. We have given a code to each machine and employee so that we can keep control over quality effectively.

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