Foil Sheets For Food

Allwin provide customized Colored Foil Paper Sheets For Food Packaging Application

Recommend Aluminium Foil Sheet For Food Packaging

Allwin Catering Foil Sheets Advantages

Extend shelf life

Allwin Colored Foil Sheets For Food can extend food freshness period.

rapid heating

Our Catering Foil Sheets can shorten the baking time with faster endothermic ability.

good insulation

You can wrapper hot food with our Aluminum Foil Paper Sheets.

Industry That Need Foil Food Sheets

Most catering, resturant, hotels, airline and more industries is applying Aluminium Sheet For Food Packaging.

Even individuals at home can use catering Foil Sheets to prepare delicious meal in a convenient way.

Advantages of Foil Sheets For Food

Foil food sheets is very necessary for food packaging, especially for fast food store. You can take food away without concerning the insulation issue as it can keep food warm in long time.

You should consider to use foil paper sheets if your food is easy to become spoiled or moistured. Colored Foil Sheets is more suitable for Chocolate, cookie and other cake foods.

Allwin supply Aluminium Foil Sheet wholesale Price in China

Allwin has been manufacturing high grade Foil Sheets For Food for 8 years. We know what is a good foil paper sheets for food packaging and can provide tailored solution for your business need. You do not need to wholesale from the middle men as we are diret foil sheets manufacturer with factory to save your cost to bulk buy foil sheets.

You will get food safety foil paper sheets from us and we manufacture colored foil sheets with reliable production machines to reach safety for food industry.

Food Foil Sheets We Manufacture

Aluminum Baking Sheet

Aluminum Baking Sheet

Our Aluminum Baking Sheet composed of heavy duty aluminum foil material.

Foil Food Wrap Sheets supplier

Foil Food Wrap Sheets

You can use Allwin Foil Food Wrap Sheets for chocolate and candy wrapping.

Aluminium Foil Sheet For Kitchen

Our Aluminium Foil Sheet For Kitchen is smooth and oil & water proof for food packaging.

Customer Review on Allwin Foil Sheets For Food

We have been trusted by worldwide wholesalers om aluminum foil sheets for food packaging and you can check the following comment on our foil paper sheets.


From Canada


“Allwin is my trust supplier on foil paper sheets for food and we’ve wholesaled their products to save more costs”

colored foil sheets for food customer jane


From New Zealand


“I have learned more on how to choose aluminum foil sheets for food wrapping and Allwin is the only supplier I like to work with in China.”

peru foil sheets for food client jose


From Peru


“I visited Allwin factory in 2018 and impressed on their manufacturing process. I wholesale their foil packaging sheets and other items for 5 years. Allwin is the most reliable manufacturer I’ve contacted in China.”

Customized Colored Foil Paper Sheets For Food

Allwin is FDA certified foil paper sheets manufacturer with tailored molds to develop customs foil sheets for food, pharmacy and more projects.


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