compartment foil containers Supplier

compartment foil containers Supplier

Disposable compartment foil containers With FDA Certification

compartment foil containers For Wholesale

You will get discount price and fast support on compartment foil containers. We supply foil compartment trays, foil containers with lids to support your wholesale and distribution business. You can also let us print your logo on the aluminum compartment trays.

Your reliable Compartments Foil Container Manufacturer

Allwin is direct manufacturer for Compartments Foil Container and we can produce various types such as  3 compartment foil containers, 2 compartment foil containers, 4 compartment foil containers and more for wide applications. You can get factory price from us if you need to wholesale in bulk quantity.

Compartments Foil Container Advantages

Our Compartments Foil Container feature in solid structure with Reinforced ribs to bear heavy food. You can use it in outdoor places or travel business.

All of our Compartments Foil Containers meet FDA certification to protect people from potential unhealthy factors.

Compartments Foil Container with lids QC

We inspect quality and size for each Compartments Foil Container with lids.

There are measuring and weighing tools in factory for our staff to confirm if the Compartments Foil Container meet your requirement.


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