Aluminum Food Trays for wholesale

Aluminum Food Trays

Wholesale aluminum food trays in complete sizes and cheap price

Allwin Foil Food Trays Skyrocket Your Business

Allwin manufactures various types of aluminum food trays to meet different requirements.

Based on your customers’ needs, you can order foil food trays, foil meal trays, foil dinner trays and more. You can even choose various foil food tray sizes.

Wholesale Foil Food Trays by shape

Wholesale Aluminum Food trays By Function

Your Leading Aluminum Food Trays Manufacturer

Allwin is a leading aluminum food trays manufacturer in China. We produce Aluminium Foil Food Tray with first class cooking oil to keep it in food safe status. Your consumers can use them straightly in the oven and electric stove, etc for daily use.

You can get in touch with us for a continuous supply of foil food trays. Allwin can promise you large stock in Aluminum Food Trays Factory with worldwide shipping.

Allwin Foil Food Trays Certifications

Allwin aluminum foil trays for food meet international and European standards for safety and quality. We have CE, FDA, and SGS certifications. We proudly supply our food trays to 60+ countries.

Each batch of Aluminum Food Trays composed of certified material and you will get the related certification documents.

Allwin Aluminum Foil Food Trays QC

Allwin does not compromise on the quality and safety of Aluminium Foil Food Tray. Our aluminum food tray factory has cutting-edge machines handled by experienced workers.

There are quality inspection team to check Disposable Aluminum Food Trays sizes and weight, you can wholesale 100 % qualified aluminum food trays from us.


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