aluminum foil USA

Factory made aluminum foil USA Manufacturer

aluminum foil USA Project Client Case

Client Business Type

food packaging distributor in Ohio, USA

Client Desired Products

Aluminium Foil & Foil Pan with lids

Client Pain Points

need cheap and qualified foil food packaging items

Client Requirement

customzied shape with designated sizes and printing

United States aluminum foil Manufacturer Customer project

USA Customer Name: Howard

USA market aluminium foil Supplier: Allwin

aluminium foil Type : Aluminum Foil & deep foil trays

aluminium foil Purchasing Quantity : 5*40HQ containers

Case Introduction :

USA client Howard is the procurement diretor for their company specialized in food packaging distribution in Ohio state. 

Generally, Howard imports alu foil from China but his supplier has huge quality issue that lead business loss and customer complaints to their company.

Since the foil pan they require is a non common style in China and Howard descides to search new foil pans suppliers in China.

He contacted almost 50 China foil pans suppliers from alibaba & google and get hundreds of response emails.

Some suppliers do not give him the right solution and some manufacturers can not produce custom foil pans.

Howard is frustrated until he saw a similar aluminum foil pan from his local supermarket.

He search the similar foil pan on google and find Allwin website then contact us for his inquiry.

As leading foil pans manufactuer, Allwin can tailor various foil pans with lids and we give Howard a suitable design according to his inquiry.

Howard is satified with our solution and he fly to China to visit our factory to check if we are really able to finish the customized foil pan production with quality control.

Howard placed the order of 5*40HQ containers about foil pans and aluminum foil together shipped to Ohio, USA after checking Allwin manufacturing factory and quality control process & FDA certification.

Other Products We Can Offer In addition to aluminum foil

Allwin not only supply foil pans, we also manufacture foil containers, foil wrappers and other food packaging products to USA market:

Foil Containers

Foil Wrappers

Foil Lids

Foil Capsule

Hookah Shisha Foil

Chocolate Foil Wrappers

Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine

Colored Foil Sheets

Foil Paper Roll

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USA Customer Reivew About Allwin foil pans

Foil pans supplier Allwin customer Howard From USA

Howard From USA


It is hard to find reliable foil pan supplier and Allwin has strong ability on foil pans customization with QC to ensure no quality problem.

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Allwin has exported foil pans and aluminum containers to USA, Canada and other countries. There are complete aluminium foil manufacturing line in our factory.

You will spend less money and get certified foil trays, foil containers with lids from us.

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