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Allwin manufactures and exports aluminum foil roll to hotels, food outlets, restaurants, and catering businesses. We supply aluminum foil roll at a competitive wholesale price. There are tin foil roll, silver foil roll, heavy duty aluminum foil roll and more types to wholesale based on your business.

You can compare our foil roll price with other aluminum foil roll suppliers. Allwin uses premium quality aluminum foil to make aluminium rolls. You will notice that the surface of our aluminum foil roll has a dense oxide layer making it safe for food.

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You can find different countries hot sale Aluminum Foil Bulk Roll from Allwin. We support your business with cheaper Aluminium Foil Roll Wholesale Price while keep it in higher quality.

Allwin Aluminum Foil Roll Manufacturing

Allwin has a cutting-edge aluminum foil roll-making workshop where more than 200 people work. Both domestic and international importers praise us for the quality of our aluminum foil roll.

We export our aluminum foil roll to countries across the Middle East, the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Foil Rolls Wholesale quality control

Allwin pay attention to the quality of aluminum foil rolls. You won’t notice any deformity with the thickness, length, color, or surface of our alu foil roll.

Allwin foil roll passes certifications like ISO, SGS, etc. We inspect each batch before delivery.

Aluminum Foil Rolls Wholesale Delivery

Allwin care the delivery for our customers. Whether you are the wholesalers or brand manufacturer, you will receive your foil roll on time with perfect package.

We are familiar with international transportation and work with reliable forwarder companies to ensure safe delivery for your foil roll order.

Allwin Your Leading Aluminium Foil Roll Manufacturer

Allwin is a well-known aluminium foil roll manufacturer in China. We make and supply aluminum foil rolls of different length, sizes and thicknesses. You can use our foil aluminum roll for cooking, packaging, insulation, and gift wrapping.

Allwin commercial aluminum foil roll features an excellent conductor heat that can retain moisture during food packaging and cooking. Users can use our alu foil roll to wrap a wide range of food items and even pharmaceuticals.

Allwin has been making aluminum foil roll for more than 8 years. Over the years, we have increased our production capacity significantly. You can import aluminum foil bulk rolls in any types you want.

Wholesale Aluminium Foil Roll For Huge Applications

wholesale Foil Paper Roll For Food packaging

Foil Paper Roll For Food

Allwin supply qualified aluminum Foil Paper Roll For Food and more packaging service.

Aluminium Foil Roll For Wrapping

You can wholesale Aluminium Foil Roll For Wrapping from Allwin at relatively low sourcing cost.

Wholesale Aluminium Foil Roll For Roti

Wholesale Aluminium Foil Roll For Roti

Allwin help you Wholesale Aluminium Foil Roll For Roti with advanced manufacturing technique.

Affordable Aluminium Foil Roll Price from FDA Certified Foil Roll Factory

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Why Wholesale Allwin Aluminum Foil Roll

You might wonder why choose Allwin when wholesaling foil rolls in China.

Here is the reason:

You will not only save budget, time but learn more knowledge on how to choose suitable aluminum rolls as well as filter out unqualified supplier from us.

Allwin knows more foil roll industry and we are glad to share those practical info to help you wholesale foil roll in China.

Besides foil roll, you can also wholesale aluminum food trays, foil food containers and more related products from Allwin.

Why choose our aluminum foil roll for wholesale

Allwin provide full solution to help you sourcing foil packaging products in low cost.

You can wholesale almost all food packaging products from Allwin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to print your company name and logo on the package of aluminum foil roll.

We can also imprint the color according to your required details.

Just send your specific details and we will make the same design for you.

Allwin is leading foil packaging manufacturer and we can help you design logo & details for your brand.

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